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Benefits of the LIV Capsule
  • 1. LIV capsule rapidly increases patients’ CD4 count.
  •  2. LIV capsule stimulates Th1,Th9 and Th17 that can lead to the elimination of HIV virus.
  •  3. LIV capsule remedies the opportunistic infection symptoms by boosting the patients’ immune systems.
  •  4. LIV capsule reduces the side effects caused by antiretroviral drugs.
  •  5. LIV capsule improves the quality of life of HIV patients, enabling them to live normal lives.
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Angela Rodriguez
I started taking the TH Plus about a month ago in hopes of just boosting my overall immunity. Since I started taking it, within just a few days I noticed I had way more energy during the day and was actually up and ready to get things done in the morning. I also sleep like a baby at night! This is huge coming from someone who has suffered depression, anxiety and panic for 26 years. Most days I would spend in my bed with no energy or want to do anything. Over the last few weeks I’ve been able to wean off some of my anti depressants and anxiety meds under doctors care. I definitely contribute all of this to the TH Plus! In addition to feeling so much better overall, increased energy and better nights sleep, I just have to say the love and support from the #heal family is like no other. It’s a community of people all on the same mission to improve their overall health and encourage others that may be dealing with health issues with little to no resolve with their prescription meds to try an alternative with these amazing plant based supplements. These products are truly a blessing in my life and know they can be for so many others as well. Can’t wait to start the 4 week Sweat Challenge next! Thank you Heal! 🙏🏻
Trista Burg
After an autoimmune diagnoses followed by a year of trying natural plants to help my 10 year old daughter, and not exactly having the progression we needed to see, I was on the verge of completely altering her diet to, grain, dairy, rice, gluten, sugar free. With no idea what my daughter would actually eat if I did this I just didn’t know where else to turn, then right on time I was introduced to phyto meds/thplus (put whichever one you think works best to say Stephen) I thought to myself, it’s made of plants and cost $80 what do I have to lose. Best decision of my life because after 4 days my daughter was able to make it through the night without needing to use the bathroom (bowl movement ) previously she was using the bathroom around 3 times a night. 18 days in and her color is remarkable, her poop is becoming formed again. She sleeps through the night, she hardly uses the bathroom at all anymore, she’s thriving in school with more energy & less bathroom distractions. Life has truly changed and in only 4 days the turn around started. We are blessed and thankful !

Christy Jensen
My life has truly changed ever since I locked arms with the #HEAL community. It was a divine intervention that this opportunity found me, when I least expected it. Not only have the Balanced Immunity supplements given me more energy, sleeping like a baby, and less inflammation in my body but I’m able to share them with others and help them heal. The blessings have just been abundant, from a low cost of entry to be able to share these products and to double my pay in just 30 days is unheard of! Anyone who joins us will have the same opportunity to grow and help others heal their mind, body, and soul. Thank you #HEAL for giving me my vision and passion back! It’s Worth It!
Christy Jensen
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